Web Solutions

Make your IT assets an incomparable competitive advantage: KC&C combines skill and expertise to offer you the most robust and powerful turnkey web solutions.

Custom web solutions

When it comes to developing the IT tools that will ensure the growth of your business and the achievement of its unique objectives, forget one-size-fits-all platforms promising universal solutions.

Opt for fully customizable and scalable web solutions that will support your business in its own unique operations and provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

At KC&C, we develop custom web solutions with dynamic interfaces, custom tools and powerful data management systems. We make the efficiency, security and reliability of your website our priority.

A large range of services

Our team takes care of bringing the ideal web solution for your company to life, whatever your needs may be:

Systems Architecture

Make sure your website is reliable by entrusting your project to a team of highly specialized web developers. Our experts will take care of designing, developing, evaluating and integrating a practical and professional website that meets your expectations.

Process optimization

Your IT resources are first and foremost productivity tools. But do they optimize your processes to the best of their ability? Do they help you minimize your costs? Are your customers satisfied with your resulting performance?

Our consultants can help you identify which activities would benefit from IT automation or improvement and how to implement them.

Data management

Store and secure your data with a reliable, fast and efficient backup system. Maximize your storage space and access your data easily without straining your network.

Business Intelligence

Process your data and extract the necessary information for decision-making: KC&C assists you in the collection of data and the development of personalized business intelligence solutions to help you reach your objectives.

Save time and money with our secret ingredient: Canvas

At KC&C, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art software development while optimizing the use of your resources with the Canvas platform.

By choosing the KC&C methodology, you opt for a more efficient process that will minimize your costs while ensuring the best possible results.

Save a considerable amount of time

Each Canvas project inherits basic features and modules common to all web projects, such as login, user profile, user management and permissions, logging, and more.

Your project can be launched in less than 15 minutes, and benefits from hundreds of hours of work already invested in its architecture and development. The time thus saved gives us an important head start in the realization of your projects.

Concentrated development efforts

Using Canvas eliminates repetitive work with automatic code generation, which allows our developers to focus on what matters most.

At KC&C, every step of the development stage is optimized to offer you the most outstanding results. Your custom features and business objectives remain at the heart of the project, without unnecessary distractions.

Powerful web solutions

Powered by the latest cutting-edge technologies, Canvas has been specifically designed to support your company’s complex business processes. Thanks to its use at the heart of your project, KC&C can implement powerful web solutions while exerting a very strict quality control throughout the development process.

The KC&C advantage

When you choose KC&C, you automatically gain access to:

  • A team of professionals who listen to your needs at every stage of the development process
  • Modern and intuitive user interfaces that are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • The use of Canvas in the development of your project (and all the benefits that come with it!)
  • A framework based on the best practices in software development
  • Continuous integration and CI/CD deployment
  • A highly scalable architecture, regardless of your business processes’ complexity and constant evolution
  • Several exclusive features and modules

Intrigued? Tell us about your projects today and find out how KC&C can help you bring them to life!