Custom Software development with KC&C

Your business is unique: its specific processes have been carefully designed to maximize its performance and profitability. But do the software that it employs do as much?

Generic software and popular management solutions may be easily accessible, but they are rarely adapted to your reality. In fact, if your current software ...

  • Have too many distracting or obsolete features,
  • Lacks critical features,
  • Requires recurring costs which are payable to infinity,
  • Integrates with difficulty or not at all with your other business processes,
  • Presents complex interfaces and is difficult to navigate,
  • Allows you little or no customization,
  • Or simply make you waste too much precious time,

…The time may have finally come for you to invest in a custom software solution.

Custom software development:

your own personalized solution

Our custom software development service allows you to design an IT solution that is fully adapted to the needs and reality of your business, whether it targets your employees or your customers.

Whether it's designing an IT management system from scratch, or customizing an existing platform to fit your needs, you can count on our experts.

Our software development services include

But are not limited to:

  • A functional analysis of the product to identify all the features needed to meet your needs
  • The architectural design of your software, or the planning of its internal structure
  • The development of an optimal user experience (UX), for an intuitive interface and a navigation that is as fluid as possible
  • The realization and management of your software development project, within your deadlines and your budgets.
  • The back-end programming of your project, or the concretization of the desired features and functionalities
  • The front-end integration of your software, that is to say the design of its interface through an HTML, CSS and JavaScript integration
  • The delivery of the finished product and the continuous deployment of new updates and bug fixes according to the DevOps approach
  • The maintenance of the software created and the development of new features making the product scalable and adaptable to your future business conditions
  • An ongoing technical support and training of your employees

Why choose KC&C’s custom software development services?

In addition to helping you avoid the known disadvantages and inefficiencies associated with the use of generic software, custom software development allows you to multiply the performance of your business and propel its growth.

Why design a custom internal management system?

Administrative systems are at the heart of your business, whether it's HR software, sales management systems, or business support applications.

A custom internal management system designed by KC&C offers you the following benefits:

  • It supports you in your business processes to simplify your operations
  • It is fully customizable and adapts to the reality of your business and its specific needs
  • It evolves with your company and anticipates your future needs, whatever they are
  • It gives you better performance with the integration of crucial customizable feature to improve your profitability
  • It does not represent a continuous operational expense, and you own your software in its entirety once fully paid

Why develop custom software for your customers?

Does your company offer online products and services in the form of software? Give your clients customized solutions that reflect your business and choose the features you want to make available to them.

KC&C creates customized software and applications that are perfectly adapted to the particularities of your services. Reinforce your brand image and multiply your revenue by integrating features that are fully tailored to the needs of your customers within your product line.

Why choose KC&C?

Collaborating with KC&C to develop your custom software means:

  • An Agile Development Methodology
  • A DevOps development and exploitation methodology
  • A Canvas solution as foundation for your Web projects
  • A direct and personalized technical support service
  • A team of experts that remains attentive to your needs through every step of the process
  • A strict respect of your deadlines and your budget

Want to learn more about our custom software development services? Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your projects with you!