Innovation, research & development

Your company is innovative, dynamic and at the forefront of its market ... But do its products reflect this reality? Are they also at the forefront of technology?

Position yourself as a leader in your industry and make room for innovation: entrust the development and launch of your new innovative products to the team of experts at KC&C.

What is R&D innovation?

Innovation is the difference between a stagnant company that survives market fluctuations without ever really flourishing, and another, dynamic and adaptable, that evolves successfully and grows continuously.

It's about identifying new business opportunities, designing new creative solutions to your customers' problems, and propelling your business to the forefront of your industry.

Innovation takes many forms. It could be :

  • The design of new product lines
  • The integration of new features that better meet the needs of your customers
  • The development of original management solutions to facilitate your daily operations
  • A more optimal use of your business’ existing resources
  • The creation of new technologies of internal communication and production management
  • And more

This innovation comes from a process of research and development (R&D) through which new opportunities are identified in your market and within your company, then concretized into tangible projects.

Why invest in R&D Innovation?

Innovation has indisputable advantages for any company wishing to stand out in its market.

Among other things, it can allow you to:

Turn your prospects into new customers with an unmatched value proposition;

Ensure the continued growth of your business with technologies that will adapt to your future business environment and evolve with you

Better meet the needs of your current clientele and build loyalty by offering a range of dynamic and adaptable products and services

Reduce your costs and increase your operational efficiency through new streamlined and smoother processes

Position yourself as a leader in your industry, each time offering new products, services and features unique in the market

Improve the productivity of your employees by stimulating their sense of innovation and providing them with the best tools to complete their operations effectively

What innovations should you consider to propel your business?

At KC&C, we are here to help you seize the most promising opportunities in your industry, depending on the reality of your business.

Whether you have a clear idea of the type of project you want to do with us, or simply want to address an existing problem or maximize your performance, our experts will help you design the new, innovative technologies needed.

Some examples of possible innovation projects are:

  • Mobile communication systems that facilitate remote collaboration between your employees
  • Customized tracking software to better analyze the performance and productivity of your company and your employees
  • Unique billing or payment methods to secure or simply facilitate your sales process
  • Systems and applications automating your other otherwise lengthy and manual processes
  • Inventory management systems, CRM or HR management customized and adapted to the reality of your own company
  • Etc

In short, the possibilities are endless: tell us about your projects and our experts will help you make them happen.

Why choose to work with KC&C?

Who better than a computer development expert to oversee your innovation projects and offer you a fresh perspective on your processes, your market and your business opportunities?

At KC&C, we handle your R&D projects from A to Z, from idea to prototype.

Our consultants are at your disposal at each stage of this process to ensure a final product that meets your expectations and your every need.

By collaborating with KC&C, you access:

  • Experts in R&D tax credits as strategic partners
  • A business vision focused on creating value
  • A methodology for developing new LEAN Startup products and services
  • A team of the best experts in the industry listening to your every needs

Inspired? Contact us today and tell us about your projects: we will gladly help you realize your vision.