Mobile solutions

Your custom iOS and Android apps

Did you know that in 2018, 58% of website visits and 42% of the time spent online were attributable to the use of mobile devices? In the age of the smartphone revolution, mobile apps are more coveted than ever and are gaining more ground every day against desktops.

Is your company ready to follow suit? Find out how KC&C can help you deliver new innovative mobile solutions.

Competitive native apps

Broaden your horizons and take advantage of the substantial volume of mobile users to grow your market: KC&C offers tailor-made mobile solutions that combine a powerful and secure back-end with superb, intuitive user interfaces.

Our team is made up of the best iOS and Android native mobile app developers, in order to deliver a turnkey product that exceeds your expectations every time.

Impress your clients with a high-end user experience

The best mobile apps are those focused on user experience. That's why we specialize in developing native iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin) mobile apps.

Unlike hybrid apps, these are more reliable, faster, and more powerful, while providing a significantly better UX experience for mobile device enthusiasts.

Optimize your market development efforts

Take advantage of billions of active mobile users around the world and expand your business’ audience. KC&C develops competitive digital products for you to build a community of loyal users and ensure their continued satisfaction.

By opting for a native mobile application, you also automatically benefit from an all-inclusive distribution system, directly available to your prospects within their mobile device via the App Store.

Responsive web apps

Expand your reach, attract new prospects and stimulate new business opportunities: KC&C develops responsive web applications for your business, which adapt to both desktop and mobile.

A versatile solution

With your responsive digital solutions being one click away at all times, give your users something to be satisfied about when it comes to your online services. Our web applications are specifically designed to fit mobile device screens for ultimate accessibility.

Make your mobile web application a key component of your business’ success by entrusting it to our team of experienced developers.

An efficient and cost-effective service

Mobile web applications use the same code base across multiple mobile platforms, making them relatively cheaper and faster to develop.

These applications also have the advantage of not being subject to the conditions imposed on native applications by the application markets, either at launch or during unavoidable updates. This additional freedom facilitates their deployment while also minimizing your costs at the same time.

A mobile solution that reflects your needs

At KC&C, meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations are our priorities. Whatever the business processes you wish to optimize may be, our experts are ready to assist you in designing the ideal solution in the form of a new mobile application.

Would you like to facilitate communication between your employees or equip your salesmen with the best inventory management systems?

Or maybe you would rather launch the next B2C application, Uber or Tinder style, and revolutionize modern civilization?

Whatever your project may be, KC&C can help you make it a reality!


A team of experts at your service

Why entrust the design of your mobile application to KC&C? Here are 8 reasons:

  • We are experts in Spring and Kotlin native languages
  • Our team masters iOS and Android ecosystems like the back of their hands!
  • Always on the lookout for the latest news, KC&C religiously attends the WWDC and Google IO conferences each year
  • Our developers can design the APIs needed to create connected mobile apps
  • We leverage our expertise in artificial intelligence to create smarter mobile applications
  • Our developers always use the latest versions and features of each platform
  • Our applications are responsive and can even work offline
  • Our applications are backwards compatible and work on older devices

Convinced? Tell us about your ideas, and we will assist you in designing the perfect tailor-made mobile solutions for your business.