KC&C’s IT Consulting and outsourcing services

Why waste time, money and resources on IT management tasks when you could delegate them to a team of experts with proven expertise?

KC&C offers a range of software management and development services, combined with unparalleled consulting services, to help you streamline the management of your IT assets!

What are KC&C’s IT Consulting & Outsourcing services?

Does your company need assistance in...

  • The acquisition of IT solutions?
  • The performance analysis of your current IT solutions?
  • Securing your IT systems?
  • The long-term management of your current IT solutions?
  • Any other problem for which you would like a fresh perspective or piece of insight?

Our specialized consultants are at your disposal!

Our consulting services can be summed up in three simple (but comprehensive) steps:

  • First, our experts assist you in evaluating your current technologies and your business environment. This first phase involves, among other things, risk analyzes, maturity studies or the evaluation of your IT infrastructures and processes.
  • Once this initial diagnosis is made, our consultants are ready to propose customized solutions adapted to the reality of your business, regardless of the complexity of the problem.
  • Finally, KC&C offers a wide range of IT outsourcing services so you can delegate the execution and management of the resulting IT solutions and focus on what you do best.

Why choose our IT consulting and outsourcing services?

An external consultant brings a fresh look at your operations and management systems: expert analysis and recommendations are a great opportunity to propel your business forward and make your processes more efficient!

When you collaborate with an IT consultant at KC & C, you get a complete diagnosis of your problems, as well as concrete IT solutions to address them.

Our experts will know which infrastructure needs upgrading or can be optimized to increase your performance, reduce costs and meet your specific needs.

IT Outsourcing Services: Significant Benefits

Once our assessments and recommendations are made, we strongly suggest that you delegate your IT operations to our experts.

Benefit from the following advantages by choosing KC & C's IT outsourcing services for the execution and management of these solutions:

The ability to focus your resources and energy on what you do best whether it's great customer service or the design and marketing of one-of-a-kind products.

An increase in your strategic flexibility, by taking away some of the costs and risks associated with managing your IT infrastructure internally.

A reduction in your operational costs thanks to increased efficiency.

Access to the in-depth expertise of our versatile team of professionals, for superior execution and management of your IT projects and infrastructure.

Why choose KC&C’s consulting services?

The KC & C team is made up of the best talents from their respective fields of expertise: a versatile team and specialized staff, for optimal management of your IT assets.

Our culture of knowledge and performance guarantees us an important technological edge, for innovative solutions that evolve with our customers' businesses.

Our consultants are attentive to your needs, your market and your vision, to offer you an analysis that is as precise as possible and recommendations that are concrete, effective and achievable.

By choosing to outsource your IT management to KC&C, you benefit from:

  • An Agile Development Methodology
  • A DevOps development and exploitation methodology
  • A direct and personalized technical support service
  • A dedicated team working to respect your budgets and deadlines at all times.

Would you like to discuss your company's projects with one of our consultants? Contact us today for an evaluation : our experts will be happy to assist you.